Sugar free powder
( Mithai/sweets )


SUGAR FIGHTER Stevia Powder contains natural sweeteners in powder form that is prepared from the natural sweetener and can be used in any food product. The contents are heat – stable.Comfortable for use for both hot and cold products with health – enhancing attributes and is a safe choice for all sugar -based confectionery. Each gram of this powder equals to 2 – 3 teaspoons of sugar.

Net Weight : 5 Kg


1kg, 5kg

1 review for Sugar free powder
( Mithai/sweets )

  1. Harjeet Singh

    “I recently tried a sugar-free powder and was pleasantly surprised. The taste is remarkably close to regular sugar, making it an excellent substitute for anyone looking to reduce sugar intake without sacrificing flavor. It dissolves well in both hot and cold beverages, and I’ve also used it in baking with great results. No aftertaste and zero calories are a big plus. Highly recommend for anyone on a diet or with dietary restrictions!”

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