Stevia Sugar Free Tablet

Nutrizo’s Sugar Fighter tablets are a convenient and effective way to manage sugar intake, especially while on the go. These sugar-free tablets are not only easy to use but also easy to carry, making them perfect for traveling or busy lifestyles. They are 100% natural and vegetarian, ensuring a healthy choice for individuals looking to reduce their sugar consumption.

Unlike artificial sweeteners like sucralose, lactose, and dextrose, Nutrizo’s Sugar Fighter tablets are free from any artificial additives. They are also 100% organic, providing a natural and safe option for sweetening your beverages.

These sugar-free tablets are not only ideal for reducing sugar intake but also for boosting metabolism and maintaining sweetness in your diet. They are easy to dissolve in any hot or cold beverage, requiring only a simple stir to mix thoroughly.

With zero calories and no fat, Nutrizo’s Sugar Fighter tablets are a suitable choice for diabetic patients looking to manage their calorie intake. Each tablet is equivalent to 2-3 teaspoons of sugar, providing a sweet taste without the negative health effects of traditional sugar.

Available in a pack of 200+20 tablets, Nutrizo’s Sugar Fighter tablets offer a convenient and practical solution for controlling sugar intake and maintaining a healthy diet.


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